Who Are We


The Westcoast Society for the Protection and Conservation of Reptiles has been active in British Columbia, Canada, for over 30 years. We are now known as the Westcoast Reptile Education Society (New Website coming soon). We are mainly based in the Lower Mainland, but have members in other areas of the Province.

We gather herpetoculturists (people with a dedicated passion for the ancient hobby of keeping and studying reptiles) as well as people interested in the safeguard of the environment and the welfare of animals, who share the mission statement of our Society. Our members are mostly families and individuals who have pet reptiles.

What we do

Our main purpose is education of the general public about reptiles. We do this at community events, school events and occasionally at public venues such as the Vancouver Public Aquarium and Science World

heterodon nasicus As a non-profit group exclusively based on volunteer work, we have done and continue to do our best to organize events that counter the vast misinformation currently widespread about reptiles, teaching respect and fighting fear, introducing people to the amazing beauty of snakes and lizards while reminding them of these animals' precious contribution to the balance and diversity of nature.

In this endeavour, the reptile members of our families, our beloved pets, do constantly play an invaluable part, as do our society's members who give their time freely for the sake of our cause.

We Would Like To Do More

And for that, we always need more people willing to take responsibility and participate, to help with and share our endeavours.

Join us today and start giving a hand to make reptiles better understood and respected in British Columbia!



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